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Who are we?

The Belgian National Focal Point is the point of reference for everything related to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in Belgium. The CBD is an international agreement which aims at conserving biodiversity and ensuring its sustainable and equitable use.

One of the Focal Point’s missions is to inform the public on biodiversity and its importance.  It is within this mission that training workshops have been organized for many years already for various target groups. 

Our goal

The objective of our trainings is to go beyond awareness-raising. We encourage the trainees to take action. We provide tools that enable to integrate biodiversity into the various sectors of activities.

In order to achieve our goal, we help the trainees through three stages:

  • Understand the basic concepts related to biodiversity,
  • Get familiar with these concepts in order to think differently about biodiversity and its interactions with human activities,
  • Apply the newly acquired knowledge and identify possibilities of action.

Our method

We adapt the training workshops according to the reality and needs of each target group.

Our teaching method is interactive and participative. The trainees are invited to take an active part in the familiarization with the new knowledge through practical exercises and case studies. The conceptual tools are then explained and illustrated by the trainers.